The apartment is located in the heart of Podilskyi district, near Kontraktova Square, in an old, but a vivid, truly authentic house with a heavy fate and complex character. Here, along with 100% redesign and rethinking of space, we have worked with the technical requirements of operating a 200-years-old home. It has undergone four rearrangements and has fist-thick scars on its walls. High ceilings allowed us to design a mezzanine floor in the apartment. Thanks to this decision, the main feature was born - the “box” in the main space. It will contain three closed workplaces, storage for sports equipment, a large wardrobe, a wide bed measuring 2*2 meters, and one more separate workplace. Facade material is reused parquet from the same apartment with the fired surface. Space has a number of details with the African spirit, these are souvenirs that are native to the owner of the apartment and brought by him from the hot continent.

Киев 2019 60 м.кв.
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